The Transition to College Journalism

Saturday, October 24

This workshop is a one-day event for high school students with any level of journalism experience. Among our staff, we teach, listen, and learn as we collectively pursue the highest standards of journalistic integrity. We hope to do the same in this workshop, which provides students the opportunity to learn from and talk to college journalists in a fun and educational setting. Our conference will revolve around the fundamentals of college journalism and building skills in all aspects of writing, research, and reporting.

We want all students to be able to participate and learn regardless of financial constraints. To ensure that all interested students may take part, we have two registration options. Please register here free of charge if the cost of attendance ($49) would be in any way prohibitive. Otherwise, please register by clicking the button below.


This event will take place entirely online (over Zoom) on Saturday, October 24. The ‘Prince’ managing board, managing editors, and writers will be hosting the workshops and Q & A session. We’re also excited to welcome Professor Kathy Kiely ‘77, the Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Studies Professor at Missouri School of Journalism, as our keynote speaker!

Date: Saturday, October 24 (All times EDT PM)

Time Event Workshop Options
12:30 - 1:00 Opening with Jon, Editor-In-Chief. Outline of paper production and general 'Prince' overview.
1:05 - 1:35 Workshop A
Hot Takes
Can You Hear Me Now?
First Impressions are Lasting Ones
Taking the Lead
1:40 - 2:10 Workshop B
Questions and Answers
Style Points
Game On
Building Blocks
2:15 - 2:55 Keynote Address by Professor Kathy Kiely ‘77
3:00 - 3:20 Student Social via Glimpse
3:25 - 3:55 Workshop C
Graphic Design is my Passion
The Internet is Forever
Copy Saves Lives
Working with Care
4:00 - 4:30 Q&A Session with Managing Editors

Facilitators and Workshops

Our managing board is excited to share their experiences in college journalism with you! Learn about how to effectively interview sources, navigate ethical journalism, and the basics of graphic design with the ‘Prince’s’ editors! You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate and discuss with your journalism peers.

Workshop Name Workshop Description
First Impressions are Lasting Ones: Headline Writing and SEO In this seminar, our editor shares tips on how to maximize engagement for online content through headline writing. Using Search Engine Optimization techniques, you’ll learn how to make sure your stories are getting to your readers. These tips will allow your content to do better in general searches and social media.
The Internet is Forever: Research and Investigation in the Digital Age The Internet can be a scary place, but one of the key parts of reporting is navigating the world of the web properly. In this seminar, our editor will give you tips on how best to conduct background research on topics or individuals when reporting. While their background is in news, this advice is useful for sports, opinion, or any kind of content a publication wants to put out.
Copy Saves Lives: The Mechanics of Journalism We at the 'Prince' have a slogan: copy saves lives! In this seminar, our editors will provide the best tips for the basics of modifying the mechanics of your story. They’ll also provide tips for fact checking your stories, essential for any kind of journalism.
Graphic Design is my Passion: Elements of Layout and Effective Presentation You could say that graphic design is our passion! In this seminar, our design editor will show the basics of layout and graphic creation. They'll give advice on software use, font choice, and the best ways to present data and content.
Style Points: A Guide to Writing Technique Editor-in-Chief Jon Ort gets back to his opinion writing roots in this guide to writing with style. We’ll discuss those writing flourishes that make the reading experience worthwhile, and Jon will give tips on everything from word choice to sentence structure and ways to move your writing from good to great!
Can You Hear Me Now?: Writing for Radio Our editor also has the informal title of the founder of the ‘Prince’ podcasts. In this seminar, you’ll hear from him on how to write a script for podcasting and radio, especially on a tight deadline. It’s a craft that requires putting lots of information in a succinct form.
Game On: Sports Reporting on a College Campus The world of COVID-19 has turned the sports reporting job upside down. In this seminar, you’ll hear about the parts of sports reporting beyond just the games, from features on players to hard-hitting investigative pieces.
Taking the Lead: Starting a Story One of the hardest parts of a story is how to start it. That’s where the lead comes in: how do you catch the attention of your audience, in a way that conveys what you want the takeaway of your story to be?
Hot Takes: Basics of Opinion Writing and Navigating Controversy Opining on controversial topics and asserting your voice can be daunting, but fear not! In this seminar, you'll learn about constructing an argument-based column, as well as collaborating with others to write collective pieces like our Editorial Board.
Building Blocks: Your Guide to the Inverted Pyramid How does a story come together? This workshop is your guide to the “inverted pyramid”: a key to news writing. In this seminar learn about the nuts and bolts of how to put together your story.
Working with Care: Journalism Ethics 101 Even, and perhaps especially, in college journalism, ethical issues can abound. Whether it’s about how to approach a source, what a conflict of interest is, or whether to write a story at all, there are many ethical considerations that have to be considered in writing a story. Our editor will share their experience with these ethical issues and offer advice for reporters in similar situations
Questions and Answers: Interviewing and Pressing your Sources One of the foundational aspects of reporting is the interview. While some sources are more than happy to be cooperative, others can be evasive and difficult. In this seminar, our editor gives their best interviewing tips. You’ll learn about what questions to ask, how to follow up, and key phrasing tips to get the best out of your interview.


Follow the link to register below by October 14! As soon as you register, you’ll have the option to choose your workshops.

Date Event
Oct. 14 Regular Deadline
Oct. 24 Workshop Date


Registration is closed for the October 2020 Seminar. Email us at to reach out to our team for information on future events.